What is the Blue Economy?

It merges the concept of sustainable development (ecological, economic and social aspects) with the use of the ocean’s resources and services. It encourages innovative thinking as individuals, but also between people from different backgrounds, e.g. environmental, economic, social, technological, legal, tourism, fisheries, renewable energy etc.

How important is sustainability and conservation in the Blue Economy?

This is the at the heart of the Blue Economy. In order for ecosystems to be able to provide for us (e.g. food, shelter, climate and disease control, fresh water, genetic resources, spiritual enrichment etc) and to be resilient to changes and socks they need to be healthy. The Blue Economy looks developing opportunities from the ocean, but the success of these activates will be impacted by degraded ecosystems, and activates can also further impact these ecosystems and prevent them from providing for us.

Does the Blue Economy only focus on the ocean?

Why is the Blue Economy important to Seychelles?

Seychelles is a small island state with a total land mass of 459 km2 and an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over 1.37 million km2 of ocean space. This holds many opportunities for economic and social development.

What role do I, as a citizen, have in the Blue Economy?

There are opportunities for people from all sorts of backgrounds. Some examples include:
Information technology:

Does BERI offer internships?

Yes, we give students the opportunity to become interns through the National Blue Economy Internship, organized by SYAH-Seychelles. Students can also link up with BERI researchers (link to profile page) if there are specific BERI related projects that they would like to help with. Additionally, students from a number of Universities globally, link up with BERI to undertake dissertations and internships.

What are some other related initiatives and terms that relate to the Blue Economy or have similar components?

Do you have any other questions relating to the Blue Economy? Send them to us at beri@unisey.ac.sc and we will add them to our website.

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