Holger Anlauf

Holger Anlauf

Assistant Professor

Focus areas: Coral reef ecology, coral reef benthic ecology, coral reef resilience and functioning in climate change, coral restoration, sustainability in the Anthropocene, ocean acidification, calcification in marine organisms, global carbon cycle, molecular ecology

BERI Focal Point: Coral ecology, functioning and resilience  

Holger is a coral reef ecologist, scientific diver, and marine scientist. He joined the University of Seychelles in July 2019 as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environment and a research member of BERI. Prior to this, he completed his PhD at the University of Southampton where he investigated changes in the molecular mechanism of the diurnal calcification cycle in the model coccolithophore Emilinia huxleyi. His main interest lies in tropical marine ecosystems, particularly coral reefs, and how their services and functions can be maintained in possible future ocean scenarios. Holger has been working on anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs from early on in his career, ranging from local impacts of SCUBA diving activities in the Red Sea, to the impacts of future ocean acidification and temperature regimes on the recruitment and early survivorship of corals in Panama, to the effect of multiple stressors on coral reefs over time along the Red Sea coast. Holger has extensive experience in monitoring coral reef ecosystems as well as assessing the related physical and chemical seawater parameters. He is also an expert in incorporating adaptation and assisted evolution approaches in tropical coral reef restoration using sexual and asexual coral propagation techniques. Holger promotes critical thinking and multidisciplinary collaboration to support the development of more holistic ecosystem conservation strategies.

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