Strategies for large-scale coral reef restoration for coastal resilience in the Seychelles

Duration: November 2018 – November 2019  

Description: The Seychelles is a small island state that is heavily dependent on coastal zone activities, including tourism. Coastal erosion, sea level rise and flooding are increasingly threatening the coastal infrastructure and beaches. Coral reefs have long acted as a natural buffer for these risks. Small-scale pilots have sought to restore these reefs. However, these efforts have not been implemented on a large scale and have not been specifically applied in areas with coastal erosion and flooding issues.

As part of an international consortium of partners, this project supports the World Bank/GFDRR to develop a strategy and recommendations for the feasibility of large-scale coral reef restoration to strengthen coastal resilience in Seychelles. The main aim of this project is to review the existing ecological, economic and policy environment, and develop feasible strategies for upscaling coral reef restoration using private and public financing sources. This project aligns with BERI’s strategy: to develop baseline data on ecosystems that support the Blue Economy, and support restoration of these key ecosystems, both strategically and collaboratively.

Funding body: World Bank  

Partners: BMT Consultants (Australia), Aither consultancy (Australia), University of Queensland (Australia), Marine Conservation Society Seychelles and WiseOceans (Seychelles)


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